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Launching Q1 2023

The State of Green Software will be the first report to map the new green software ecosystem, from key stakeholders to regulatory frameworks, from impact metrics to academic literature, open source tooling to actionable design patterns.

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What is green software?

What is green software?

Green software aims to reduce the carbon emissions associated with software. As such, green software is software that emits the least amount of carbon possible. This can be achieved by making software more energy efficient, using less hardware, or letting software do more when the electricity is clean and less when it's dirty.

What is the problem?

What is the problem?

There is growing awareness of the enormous environmental impact of digital products. This has led to global efforts to address it through green software, meaning software optimized to generate the least amount of CO2 emissions.

Taking climate action

Taking climate action

The State of Green Software report will increase industry adoption of best practices and metrics, stimulate investment in greening software products, and facilitate coordination of software-focused climate action.


Want to stay ahead of the curve in the green software space?

Green software is growing in popularity, with developers and key decision makers alike recognizing its potential to make a positive impact on the environment. Our report will give you an in-depth look at everything that is happening in this exciting field.

You’ll gain insights into how to make your software more environmentally friendly, as well as learn about the business case for green software. Plus, we cover who is who in the green software ecosystem so you can connect with the right people and organizations.

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Who should read this report?


Developers seeking to measure and improve the carbon footprint of their software


Business, technical and product leaders making investment decisions, technology choices and strategic calls


Guiding institutions and thought leaders setting global and national standards, regulations and policy objectives

Why you should read this report?

Stay on top of everything that is going on globally in the green software space.

The report will give you insights into:

  • The level of awareness, adoption, friction and enablers of green software from the perspective of both software developers and key decision makers.
  • The state of the art in environmental impact metrics for digital products
  • Actionable patterns and tools for decarbonising software
  • The commercial, regulatory and technological business case for green software
  • Who is who in the green software ecosystem
  • Where to access green software education and skills
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