Scaling green software requires regional research in many languages

Scaling green software requires regional research in many languages

At this moment, green software research is concentrated in China, the global leader in green computing, followed by the USA, India, the UK, and Australia. Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East produce the least research in this field. More research is needed in specific regional and local contexts that consider a region’s unique regulatory landscapes, energy infrastructures, and social and environmental factors. There are small-scale research findings from specific geographic locations, such as this study in Malaysia.

Results from the SOGS survey suggest that software practitioners need more resources in various languages. One respondent noted, “There is almost no content in Spanish about green software.” Several other respondents mentioned regional differences, taking into account that the regulatory landscape looks different in different parts of the world. One person noted that the level of awareness when it comes to green software varies by country and that in their country (Poland), awareness is quite low.

Green software research distribution

More research is needed, along with more educational resources in a number of languages. Field builders can consider translating available training, research, and use cases into other languages, prioritizing regions like Latin America and the Middle East where existing information and insight are limited.

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